Participative observatory for the surveillance of individual exposure to air pollution relating to health

The emerging wearable connected sensors provide the opportunity for monitoring actual personal exposure to air pollution wherever throughout her daily activity. The goal of the ANR project Polluscope is to evaluate on the ground the capacities and the limitations of these sensors in fine-grained understanding of personal exposure to air pollutants, as well as their health impacts, notably for asthmatic and COPD subjects. Many research challenges, opportunities, and innovation inherit from Polluscope goals. To name, but just a few, metrology, data collection protocol, mobility data integration, data processing and analysis under uncertainty, data privacy, etc. Polluscope brings together specialists in environmental, health, geosciences and computer science domains. It will be deployed and evaluated under real-world use cases, targeting different population types, both for epidemiological study purpose, and for validating participative crowdsensing.